5 Skills for Entrepreneurs to be Successful


Success for any business person comes in many different shapes and sizes. Success can also be measured differently from business person to business person. For example, I might think that sales of a million dollars as a successful thing. However, if you talk to Tim Cook who is the CEO of apple would think that was a bad year. Being successful means you will have a mindset that fosters growth and innovation personally and for your business.

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To have the feeling of success as an entrepreneur consider the following five (5) skills that are in random order:

  • Growth Mindset
    • Having a growth mindset means you are able to take your most basic qualities and abilities (i.e., talent, intelligence) can be developed over time by hard work and dedication. Living in a growth mindset you will foster a love for learning and resilience for achieving significant goals and accomplishments. A growth mindset over time will help you with motivation, empowering yourself and your team, personal and business productivity meeting goals, and most importantly it will enhance your relationships.


  • Public Speaking
    • As a business person you are constantly communicating with a wide variety of personalities. You can read my blog post, Mindful Communication Strategy for Entrepreneurs in a Startup Environment, if you are interested in learning more. The ability to speak to audiences of any size that conveys your message will be critical for your success. Three (3) things to remember when speaking: Speak Clearly, Speak Persuasively, and Speak Forcefully.


  • Self-Management
    • If you are living in a growth mindset than self-management will be easier to adapt to. Success depends on effective action of being able to focus your attention where it is needed most and when it is needed most.

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  • Math, Accounting, and Finance
    • Having a clear understanding of the basic concepts in math, accounting, and finance will support your growing effort in your organization. Knowing the four (4) basic financial statements, balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, and state of cash flows, will allow you to see where the money is coming in and where it is going.


  • Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Research
    • A key piece for successful business people is having the skills to navigate through all the information we constantly receive throughout our day. Being able to evaluate, sort valuable and non-valuable data, analyze, and derive relationships to other data will give you a professional advantage.


My challenge for you is to examine your skills and see if you can fit any of the ones I talking about in this blog post. Please leave a comment about your business and professional skills and add to mine.


Please post your thoughts and add to the list of skills!

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