An Entrepreneurial Approach to a Successful Morning Routine


Many entrepreneurs typically live by a tight and busy schedule that can take up a lot of energy. For myself, when I have a routine that supports my healthy habits I feel like my days flow like the water down a quiet stream. The days I ignore my routine there are more times than others I will make an easy mistake because my focus is on doing the next task. An entrepreneurial approach to successful daily habits will be done in a calculated and strategic way to best utilize my own time because time is our most valuable resource.

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Your day doesn’t start when you wake up. It actually begins the night before, start by making a list of the different items you need to complete the next day. When you make the list rank the tasks in order the most challenging or time-consuming tasks. By completing those when you are fresh and energized it will make handling the end of the tasks that are easier more manageable to complete. Now after you finish your morning routine you will have your list ready to go!

I might be biased, however, it’s my blog post so why not talk about what works for me. Currently, my schedule is so tight I am running very lean on time and that calls for action to be organized and prepared. What I do in the morning is a 30 minute routine that sets me up for success throughout my entire day. I have provided you with a list and the approximate amount of time it takes to do each task in my morning routine.

  1. 7:00 am – Wake up
  2. 7:05 am- Meditate with the goal of emptying my mind of all thoughts by becoming more aware by bringing you into the present moment. This can sometimes be  difficult to achieve so be patient and continue practicing your meditation each day to build your skills. The video below describes meditation in a general way. Check it out!

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  3. 7:20 am Inventory and Gratitude list. Taking Inventory of my entire day and the tasks I need to complete throughout my day. Taking an inventory is different from my mindfulness meditation. Remember that mediation the goal is to clear your mind entirely; and taking inventory you are envisioning with your eyes closed the entire day (eg. meetings and tasks). My gratitude list helps me become more aware and thankful for what I have. Something happens when my thoughts go from my through my hand to paper creates a higher level of awareness for what I have in life. This helps me manage your day and keep you on track.
  4. 7:25 am – Get ready by taking a shower, quick exercise (eg. push ups and sit ups), get dressed, and make my bed. Keeping your physical space in order will help keep your mental space more open and clear to better manage the challenges I encounter daily.
  5. 7:40 am – Eat breakfast to fuel your body to keep your body and mind energized.
  6. 7:59 am – Kiss my significant other good-bye and tell her how lucky I am to have her support.
  7. 8:00 am – Leave for work in a better state of mind having a higher level of awareness, and most importantly more confident that I am ready for the day!
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My challenge to you is to look at your own morning routine and see if it needs to be updated to support yourself to have a healthy and successful day. If it worked for me, it may work for you!









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