Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Abilities


Have you ever taken the time to think about the fast-moving pace of the changing corporate environment?

Each year there are thousands of individuals who leave the corporate veil to seek refuge under the broad term entrepreneur. The idea of being an entrepreneur is more than just calling yourself one. It is a course of committed action to solve a problem or fill a need. Anybody has the ability to become an entrepreneur if they have the motivation.

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To be a successful entrepreneur you have to know where you stand with you entrepreneurial aptitudes and capacities. If you would like to find out what your entrepreneurial aptitudes and capacities feel free to download a complimentary copy of the forms on my personal site ( It will take you just a few minutes to take the self-assessment and get your results. Once you find where your aptitude and capacities fall it is time to take the next step, brainstorming.

There is a technique to brainstorming effectively. Take as much time to think about your idea that is either a need or want, and how you will try to solve the problem with your product or service.

Things to remember when brainstorming your idea:

  •  Notice a need or demand, and create something that satisfies that specific need.
  • Perceive how your decision will impact all parties involved.
  • Intuition is critical and trusting it will sometimes be the most difficult choice.
  • Does your product or service inspire change on a societal level?
  • Are you inventing something that revolutionizes an industry?
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Brainstorming is an approach to bring together a relaxed and informal approach to solving a problem. It should be a lateral thinking exercise where you write down your thoughts and ideas on a single column list. When generating your brainstorming list the goal is to have quantity over quality. When brainstorming imagine that you have unlimited resources and the sky is the limit. During the brainstorming stage you should try to avoid rewarding or criticizing any idea. There will be enough time in the future to criticize and reward your idea when you start forming hypotheses around it. Remember that the goal of brainstorming is to spark new and creative ideas.

What is your brainstorming approaches to generate new and creative thoughts and ideas?

You are welcome to share your thoughts in my comments section.

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