Commercial Real Estate Capital Trends in Retail: Oct. 2016

As a commercial real estate (CRE) broker and retail specialist, it is my commitment to my customers to follow the CRE market and have the knowledge of the current conditions. Real Capital Analytics (RCA) is an online big data analytics company, specializing in aggregating big data and generating capital market reports to influence areas of CRE investment markets. RCA has recorded […]

Audit, Investigate, and Control – HHS OIG – 2015 Work Plan

In 2015 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) reported 925 criminal actions against people or entities engaged in crimes against HHS programs and 682 civil actions (i.e., false claims, unjust-enrichment lawsuits filed in Federal district court, CPM settlements, and administrative recoveries related to provider self-disclosure matter). Companies in the healthcare […]

On the Money…Modernized Infrastructure and Healthcare Revenue Cycle

With the ever-growing decline of the American healthcare economy, monitoring patient centered revenue cycles is a growing concern for healthcare organizations. Healthcare revenue cycles over the years have primarily rested on the shoulders of the billing department and the Compliance Committee to make sure precautionary steps implemented to mitigate areas of non-compliance. Even when an organization feels they have […]

“Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t – the FinTech Revolution”

On January 23 , 1996, the first released version of the Java programming language with probably no notion how it was going to revolutionize the Financial Industry nearly 20 years later. Now financial companies have a platform to create technology while using big data to drive decision-making. Imagine Clark Kent from Superman for the first time ripping […]

A Tool to Create Motivational Change in Entrepreneurs

Changing our habits is difficult and at times a daunting task. In some instances the idea may even seem nearly impossible. Unhealthy habits negatively affect you personally and professionally, disrupting relationships, your reputation, and cause unwanted stress. Sometimes our unhealthy habits cross our threshold, transcending from our personal life into our professional life. My question for you is if […]

5 Skills for Entrepreneurs to be Successful

Success for any business person comes in many different shapes and sizes. Success can also be measured differently from business person to business person. For example, I might think that sales of a million dollars as a successful thing. However, if you talk to Tim Cook who is the CEO of apple would think that […]

Constructing a Successful Entrepreneurial Culture

Sometimes culture in entrepreneurship environments falls to the waist side to productivity, growth, and profit to meet your organizations goals. Culture is an immeasurable thing that holds all the pieces of your organization together. If you talk to almost any Silicone Valley executive, they will all have different opinions about how to evolve a company’s […]