A Caring Leadership Style from One Leader to Another


Being a leader means having the capacity to lead, inspire, and instill commitment in those around them. Take a minute to think about all the times you are a leader throughout your day. Who do you inspire? How do you lead? Is it by your ability to connect with the person? Is it your commitment to first focus on change in yourself before you are able to establish change in others?

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There are many theories published in articles and books about various types of leadership styles. Caring Leadership is an evidenced-based leadership style that has been gaining to become more mainstream.  Dr. Watson (2008) work is influenced from mindfulness that requires you to be authentic, be hear-centered, and being present in the moment throughout our day. Watson’s work has evolved into the 10 Enhanced Caritas Process, is a type of human caring by preserving humanity and human dignity.


Kouzes and Posner (2007) compliment Watson (2008) work introduces you to a values-based approach called The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, with a central goal to develop and maintain positive relationships with those people around them. Their model is practical, easy to understand, and is an easy remembering realistic approach to maintaining positive relationships. Kouzes and Posner mas made the reach and process of becoming a caring leader. Melding together Kouzes and Posner (2007) with Watson (2008) has created the Caring Leadership Model (Williams and McDowell, 2011) introduces you to a group of 5 values that a successful leader can be a caring leader and enrich the human condition.



Caring Leadership Model

Always lead with, kindness, compassion, and equality.

Generate hope and faith through co-creation.

Actively innovate with insight, reflection, and wisdom.

Purposely create protected space founded upon mutual respect and caring.

Embody an environment of caring-helping-trusting for self and others.




For any leader, whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company to a small business in your community, becoming more present with yourself will ultimately bring success. My challenge to you is to try to implement a Caring Leadership model in yourself. What will it hurt? If you are reading this and you are connecting to situations in your workplace that you may handle differently, try Caring Leadership.



Report back to me and let me know how it is working out. I always enjoy reading success stories. The power of choice is scary, and now that you know about how to becoming a more caring leader, you and only you have the ability to change it. When there is change, we experience growth.


Good luck on your transformation and please keep me posted by leaving a comment!



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