Diagonal Thinking Requires Strategy


What does strategy have to do with diagonal thinking?

That’s easy, its how you think, rather than your background to be successful in business.”

Strategy should be your mindset with every decision. Strategy is the plan of action you set in place to solve the problem. If you have a strategy, diagonal thinking is your vehicle to solve it successfully. Diagonal thinking comes into the picture when traditional approaches don’t work. What if you are challenged with a deeper rooted problem solving situation at work? What if the situation requires thinking in the box but not using rows and columns, rather a diagonal approach? Continue reading

Perspective Taking and Negotiations


What color is the dress?

Is it white and gold or is it black and blue?

Some say the dress color is contingent upon what mindset you are in.

Personally, I think the color of the dress has nothing to do with your current mindset.

The dress has always been white and gold because of my perspective, not my emotional state when I look at it.

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