Children’s Comfort Corner


Children’s Comfort Corner, Inc. is a Nevada non-profit children’s charity organization committed to promoting security and comfort in at-risk children’s lives.

Our shared value focuses on alleviating emotional and physical discomfort in elementary school children who attend higher intensity, Title 1 schools. The specific schools we target are in Reno/Tahoe and greater surrounding area. Each school we work with is specifically focused on the emotional and social needs of their students. We aim to offer a customized and high level of service to accommodate the growing demand of psychological suffering in children. CCC, Inc. makes the feeling of security available by providing a unique blanket with a custom security pocket, a comfort pillow, gifts on a holiday or birthday, and in some cases dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our goal is to promote comfort and security that is missing in the children’s lives we can help.

 Local Dollars 4 Local Kids

We are going to give blankets  and pillow for children and WE KNOW YOU CAN HELP!

– Children’s Comfort Corner

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