Mindful Communication Strategy for Entrepreneurs in a Startup Environment


Communicating in the 21st century has unique challenges. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, your success is dependent on how well you communicate. Communicating occurs with more than your employees, you want to be able to communicate across all channels in your entrepreneurial bubble. The channels I am talking about typically happen in two ways: verbal communication and written communication. Both types are not innate behaviors, they are learned behaviors that we hope to evolve over time in our professional careers. Entrepreneurs need to be able to communicate effectively with customers and clients, social networks, employees, manufacturers, distributors, and any other group that has impact on your company’s success.

Have you ever thought to yourself why communicating effectively can sometimes be difficult within a work environment? 

It’s because we have emotions, are human, and we are not perfect!

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Try searching communicating effectively in business on Google and you will yield approximately 74.7 million search results in approximately 0.34seconds. There is such an overwhelming response from the search it might be difficult for you to find what works for you. Do just that then if you find yourself experiencing some barriers on where to start. Find what works for you by maybe adopting tidbits of useful information from a variety of people. Just remember you want it to resonate with the type of leader or manager at work.


Listen mindfully by being fully present and a level of awareness that keeps you engaged. Have an open and flexible mind with the person or group of people you are engaged with. Listen with a receptive ear and a non-judging mind that allows you to proactive rather than reactive. Try placing yourself in the other’s perspective where they are coming from, then your response will be much different from if you stay in a judging mindset. Have you caught yourself starting to think about how you will respond while the other party is still talking? You are not alone, and this can be a natural reaction while communicating. Listening mindfully will help you slow down, relax, breath, and guide your wandering mind back to the conversation.

 Non-verbal cues can provide you as much information as the verbal cues. If you are in an in-person meeting it behooves me to say sit with a confident posture, back straight, feet on the ground, and hands folded in front of you. Some don’t you may want to consider is clicking of the pen, chewing gum, and most importantly playing with a cell phone or computer.

Have a voice that is worth being heard. When engaged in a conversation and want to be heard, whether it is in a large meeting or in a one-on-one meeting, make what you say bring value to the conversation. Attempt to not just respond to what is being said in that moment and derive relations from the entire conversation up to that point and respond in a way that is relational and not transactional. This will show that you are actively engaged in the meeting or conversation.

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Having a concise voice will keep you from rambling and ranting during your meeting or conversation. Social has helped us develop our ability to be concise if you use Twitter or any other social network that limits the number of characters. Evolve your concise voice by getting to the point quicker and in a more focused manner and you will hopefully enhance your verbal and written skills to communicate more effectively.

Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, there are so many ways to improve your conscience contact with your ability to communicate effectively. Things to search for when you hit Google, eye contact, verbal and non-verbal communication, asking ‘the right’ question, effective communication skills, and you will soon be a master communicator!


I challenge you to look at your communication style and see what changes you may want to make in becoming a more effective communicator. Please leave a comment about your communication strengths or deficits.


Please post your results on my blog post!

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