How is your self-care as an entrepreneur?


How is your self-care as an entrepreneur?

Self-care can be particularly tricky for some entrepreneurs, since most entrepreneurs tend to juggle a variety of hats. The most important hat an entrepreneur wears is the self-care hat, and that one tends to be ignored on a regular basis. Self-care is defined in the dictionary as taking care of one self without medical assistance. I look at self-care as taking care of you beyond the regular exercise and healthy eating.

How busy are you as an entrepreneur?

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How do you engage in self-care during your day when your schedule is full and chaotic?

In one of my previous blogs, An Entrepreneurial Approach to a Successful Morning Routine, I talk about creating a morning routine that supports your mind and body for an entire day. There is a part in the routine I talk about some self-care and taking a few minutes to mediate. Meditation is a great approach to take for self-care during busy day. If you feel you can’t get out of your mind and into a moment of self-care, try going outside for a few minutes. The act of just stepping away from your work will definitely help you gather your thoughts and hopefully get you in a different and more productive mindset.


If you are at a desk and have troubles stepping outside, you can get as much out of closing your eyes for a planned 5 minutes eyes closed break. If you try to close your eyes, focus on the breathing in and breathing out. Slowing down your breath, listen to the sounds that are occurring around you, and try to since the seat you are sitting in. Now while you’re taking note of each breath, the seat you’re sitting in, now try to visualize yourself sitting in that chair in proximity to other items in the room. Psychologists and Researchers call this perspective-taking, which means see you from another point of view.

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Take a minute and think about all the times you take a minute and breath, relax, and tune into what is going on inside of you while running full steam into a wall of stress that never seems to slow down. Does that seem difficult to do? If you said no, shame on you. It is an extremely difficult exercise and you can only learn how to do it. Becoming a more mindful and aware person, is one of the biggest pieces of proper self-care.

Self-care is more than exercising regularly and eating healthy. Self-care is effectively managing your stress, anxiety, and how you feel emotionally. Take care of your own internal self to increase your level of productivity as an entrepreneur.

My challenge to you is just take a couple of times throughout your day while wearing many different hats, and give yourself a few moments of clarity, while engaged in some self-care activities. Post a comment or tweet me and let me know how it works!




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