Winey Munkies


Mission Statement

Winey Munkies is an artisan alcohol startup company in Reno, Nevada. We manufactures wine ice cream and wine sorbet with the goal to modernize and redefine the frozen dessert industry with innovative and progressive products

Vision Statement

Winey Munkies value creativity, innovation, quality and giving back.  We aim to offer a customized, high quality product as determined by our customers, while giving back to the local community that has given so much to us!

Winey Munkies‘ creates and delivers value for their customers who enjoy drinking wine and eating ice cream or sorbet. We do this by our ability to manufacture niche, unique and tasty wine ice cream and wine sorbet confections. We are eager to deliver our value proposition to customers by bringing innovation and creativity to the ice cream industry.

Winey Munkies’ inspiration behind their product line comes from the founders love for wine and enjoyment of ice cream, so why not combine their two favorite things to make wine ice cream! As a new and emerging startup company, we offer value with a high quality and unique products, wine ice cream, wine sorbet and wine floats.

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